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DMM Touch 3 Smart Voice 12 Vibrating Modes Multiple Stimulation Automatic Masturbator Cup

DMM Touch 3 Smart Voice 12 Vibrating Modes Multiple Stimulation Automatic Masturbator Cup

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Feels very realistic. The mens realistic masturbator is made of a high-quality soft TPR combined with the ridges and various textures inside make it feel incredibly life-like once you’ve added some water-based lube. This will not only help it feel more realistic, but it also ensures that you don’t chafe your private spot.
Stroke away. Stroke it the way you like it. Fast, slow – whatever floats your boat. And use the cut-outs on the side to increase or decrease the pressure. If you’re up for it, wait until you just about reach orgasm and then stop. Wait a moment and then go again. See how many times you can do this – and you’ll build up some crazy stamina for when the time comes that you’re dealing with the real deal!
Very affordable. Honestly, we would say that at this price is probably one of the very best masturbators that you can get. The quality is really great, and it feels wonderful too. It feels as good as many of the more expensive adult toys that we’ve used in the past.
Vibrations are an added bonus. This is something unique that we think is a great bonus. Even the automatic male strokers usually have just the thrust action without the vibration so it’s a new and unique sensation that we quite like most of the time.
Easy to use. This is a very simple and easy to use male masturbator. You simply add lube, turn on the vibrator (if you choose) and go to down. And depending on how tight you want it, you can easily just squeeze the sides so you can easily and quickly change the pressure mid-stroke which is great.


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